• Fragonard


A unique olfactory experience!

Maison Fragonard has been a perfume maker based in Grasse since 1926 and manufactures its products in its three factories on the Côte d’Azur.
Take a fascinating step-by-step tour of discovery through the perfume and cosmetics design and manufacturing process!

Free admission and free guided tours!

Our factories

The Historical Factory

La Fabrique des Fleurs

The Factory laboratory in Eze-Village

Our Museums

The Perfume Museum

The Museum of Provençal Costumes and Jewellery

The Jean-Honoré Fragonard Museum

Visiting & Activities

Free visit and guided tour

Take a free tour of our factories with a guide trained by a professional perfume maker who knows all about the history of the trade. After exploring the manufacturing techniques and the history of these precious fluids, test your nose with a free olfactory game at the end of the tour.

The Apprentice Perfume Maker’s Workshop

Become an apprentice perfume maker and design your own eau de Cologne.
An unforgettable and captivating sensory experience focused on creating a scent from aromatic, citrus and orange blossom fragrances.